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Miss Jabberwock 2017 crowned May 6, 2017.

Origins of the Jabberwock

Jabberwock   is   a   unique   project   that   began   as   a   means   of   raising   scholarship   funds   by   a Boston,   Massachusetts   chapter   in   1925.      It   was   conceived   by   Marion   Hope   Conover   and the   members   of   the   Iota   Chapter   of   Delta   Sigma   Theta   Sorority.      “Jabberwock”   originated from   a   character   called   Jabberwocky   from   the   Lewis   Carol   fantasy,   Alice’s   Adventures   in Wonderland, who summoned the creatures of his kingdom to put on a gala event. The   Delta   Jabberwock   was   born   from   this   successful   venture.      On   December   28,   1947, Jabberwock   was   formally   adopted   and   copyrighted   by   Delta   Sigma Theta   Sorority,   Inc. The New   Bern   Alumnae   Chapter   sponsored   the   Jabberwock   yearly   from   1955   to   1965,   when they    began    to    occur    bienially.        Beginning    in    1981,    the    Jabberwock    began    to    occur triennially. In   the   spirit   of   friendly   competition,   our   contestants   have   engaged   in   social,   cultural,   and service   activities,   all   designed   to   focus   on   building   mind,   body,   spirit,   and   social   awareness, as   well   as   developing   positive   relationships.      The   participants   raise   funds   towards   not   only their higher education, but also the higher education of others in the community.
Jabberwock Queen 2017 Miss TayTiana Bryant
2005 Jabberwock Contestants (l-r) Sorors Carolyn Bland, Ruth Houston, Polly Richards, Ida Franks, Eliza Dudley, Frances Moore, Naomi Ryder Jabberwock 1971 Queen - Sharon Latham Jabberwock 1971 Queen - Sharon Latham
1956  Ellen Brimage (Trenton) 1957  Louise Dudley (New Bern) 1958  Laverna Thomas (New Bern) 1959  Charlene Hayes (New Bern) 1960  Mary Simmons (Pollocksville) 1961  Sandra Bragg (New Bern) 1962  Joanne Dudley (New Bern-Eliza Dudley, Sponsor) 1963  Nancy Rodgers (New Bern) 1964  Myrtle Davis (New Bern) 1965  Marie Ward (Maysville) 1966  Gene Littman (New Bern) 1969  Sharon Harris (New Bern) 1971  Sharon Latham (New Bern) 1973  Vanessa Allen (New Bern) 1975  Joan Wynn (Pollocksville-Arletha S. Wynn, Sponsor)
1977  Myron Gavin (New Bern) 1979  Lisa Morgan (New Bern-Barbara R. Morgan, Sponsor) 1981  Clarissa Harvey (New Bern) 1984  Michelle Sermon (Pollocksville-Norma Sermon-Boyd, Sponsor) 1987  Jodi George (New Bern-Yvonne C. George, Sponsor) 1990  Tonyah Dillahunt (New Bern) 1993  Tracie Rodgers (New Bern-Carolyn M. Bland, Sponsor) 1996  Alike’ Vail (New Bern-Carolyn M. Bland, Sponsor) 1999  Shakia Boone (Bayboro-Wanda Ollison, Sponsor) 2002  Portia Boone (Pollocksville-Norma Sermon-Boyd, Sponsor) 2005  Victoria Brown (New Bern-Dolores Sinclair, Sponsor) 2008  Leandra Irving (Jacksonville-Edith Crisp, Sponsor) 2011  Taylah Dove (New Bern-Tiffany Dove, Sponsor) 2014  Christa Bryant (New Bern-Vivian Bryant, Sponsor) 2017  TayTiana Bryant (New Bern-Vivian Bryant, Sponsor)
2017 Jabberwock Court 2017 Jabberwock Queen with (l-r) 3rd Runner Up, 1st Runner Up, 2nd Runner Up (l-r) Christa Bryant, 2014 Jabbewock Queen; TayTiana Bryant, 2017 Jabberwock Queen; Vivian K. Bryant, Sponsor
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Photo credit:  La’Moore Photography
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