Past Presidents

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Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
Soror Moore served as the first chapter president.  Under her leadership, the first Jabberwock was held and 4 women were initiated in 1954.
Past Presidents
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Jabberwock was held in 1955 under Soror Murphy's leadership, and a reception was held for Honorary Member/concernt pianist Phillipa Duke Schuyler. Under Soror Massenburg's leadership, the Jabberwock was held in 1956 and the first scholarship was awarded to a graduating high school student. Soror Richards oversaw three Jabberwocks, intake of 1 new member, and the visit of concert pianist Muriel Rahn to the community. Soror Franks oversaw two Jabbewocks and under her tenure, New Bern Alumnae became a lifetime member of the NAACP. During Soror Bland's two administrations, two Jabberwocks and the chapter's 10th Anniversary were held. Soror Fortune presided over two Jabberwocks, the initiation of 1 new member, and the first Careerama in 1964/1965. Soror Dudley was president during two Jabberwocks and the 1966/1967 Careerama.  Soror Dudley later served as Treasurer for many years and the title of Treasurer Emeritus was bestowed upon her. Soror Lewis attended the first Area Founders Day, oversaw Jabberwock, Careerama, the initiation of 4 new members, and the chapter's 15th Anniversary. During Soror Houston's tenure, the chapter hosted the 1970 Area Founders Day, Jabberwock, and Careerama. Soror Morgan oversaw the initiation of 8 initiates in 1972, the 1973 Jabberwock, and the chapter's 20th anniversary. During Soror Sermon-Boyds administrations, the 1975 and 2008 Jabberwocks occurred , financial aid workshops were held, and the 2007 Teacher Education Project was begun.  In 1978, Soror Sermon-Boyd was elected South Atlantic Regional Director and served un Soror Rich's administration included the initiation of 4 new members, the 1977 Jabberwock, and the implementation of financial aid workshops. Under Soror Wynn's administration, Soror Sermon-Boyd was elected South Atlantic Regional Director, the 1979 Jabberwock was held, and the chapter refurbished the community meeting room of the Omega Psi Phi Center. During Soror Cotton's first service as president, she oversaw the chapter's 30th anniversary and the 1983 May Week Program at which Soror Shirley Chisolm was our guest.  During Soror Cotton's next term as president, 8 new members were initiated, and the 2 As president, Soror Montgomery oversaw the 1984 Jabberwock and the initiation of 12 new members. Soror Carter established the Delta Memorial Scholarship for the New Bern Housing Authority, and the 1987 Jabberwock was held. During Soror Trice's administration, 11 new members were initiated, a 35th anniversary ball was held, and the chapter refurbished the United Senior Services conference room. During the tenure of Soror Sifontes, the 1990 Jabberwock was held, as well as SAT workshops to prepare students for college. Soror George's presidency included the 1993 Jabberwock and the chapter's celebration of its 40th anniversary. Soror Mercer's administration included the initiation of 12 new members, the 1996 Jabberwock, and public service to Cherry Hospital and donations for Christmas cheer to the needy. Soror Sinclair ushered in the initiation of 8 new members, implemented the Delta Academy Program, and oversaw the 1999 Jabberwock. During Soror Davis' tenure, the chapter focused on the restoration of voting rights, celebrated its 50th Anniversary, hosted the NC Area Founders Day East, and held Jabberwock 2002. During Soror Herndon's term, the chapter hosted the 2010 NC Spring State Meeting and the 2011 Jabberwock was held. Soror Ham oversaw the implementation of the newly established EMBODI mentoring program for boys.  It was also during this term that the chapter celebrated its 60th anniversary and the sorority celebrated its 100th anniversary. Under her leadership, the chapter implemented involvement with Stop Hunger Now, hosted a Crimson and Cream Ball, continued its signature Student Acheivement Day Program, as well as Delta Academy/GEMS and EMBODI.